Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Classical Music will come to Kuwait!!

but.. maybe in 50 years!


Someday said...

I just love it!!!, it doesn’t have to come!!! Well, as long as we can go to it!!

Enigma said...

well thanx!!!!!!!!!! u got me excited there for half a second!

It bugs me that recitals are never really advertised. I always find out the next day in the newspaper that there was a piano recital or something like that ;/

hooker with a heart of gold said...

back in the day when I was much younger, my ma used to take me to "ma3had ilfinoon ilmusiqia" and "bait lothan" for their performances.. of course they dont compare, but they did quench my thirst as a modest symphony

TOUCHE' said...

*Multiple Sighs*
Though it's not as promising as you'd expect but those might hinder the anguish:

Just keep an eyes for upcoming events to water your thirst.