Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Do u want a better Kuwait?

Few ideas came to mind when I am facing this question as I think of it all the time..

1- All ministers should have MBA's from respected schools. (school names that WERE in the Ministry of Higher Education list 10 years ago.. and not added in the last few years)

2- All wikala and el wikala el mosa3ideen from all ministries should come from Private sector! and have at least 10 years experience in a close enough field. The maximum level a ministry person should get is modeer edara!

3- the only exception for number 2 is when the person has an MBA from FT Rankings of top 20 schools in the world.

i will come up with more later on.

aaaaaah ya Kuwait!

Kuwait must spend $27bn on power

by Dylan Bowman and agencies on Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Kuwait needs to spend $27 billion on water and power projects over the next eight years to meet growing demand, the state’s electricity and water minister revealed yesterday.

Speaking during a special National Assembly debate on power consumption, Mohammad Al-Olaim said the country’s economic growth, coupled with wasteful consumption, was causing demand to outstrip capacity.

The minister’s comments come as Kuwait prepares for another summer of electricity cuts and water shortages as the use of air conditioning reaches its peak.

Al-Olaim said a two-and-a-half month programme of power cuts would begin in June, lasting for around one hour a day, especially during peak hours of consumption.

However, the outages could be for longer periods of time if the state experiences any problems with its six water and electricity plants, he said.

The power cuts will likely cause water shortages as well, as five of power plants are used for desalination.

Consumption until mid-July will be an average of 9,530 MW a day versus 8,630 MW a day of available production, Al-Olaim said.

The minister said the situation would improve when additional facilities come online after mid-July, but demand will still outstrip capacity. He warned residents to expect cuts to continue for the remainder of the summer.

During the special debate, MPs criticised the government for not having carried out the necessary work to increase capacity sooner and passed a recommendation calling for an acceleration of water and electricity projects.

Al-Olaim said new power plants need to be built and old ones upgraded, and that the state needs to rely more on natural gas rather than oil for fuel.

Kuwait has quantities of natural gas, which were uncovered last year, but has yet to maximise production. The government said in March it was considering an import terminal for liquefied natural gas from Iraq and Iran.

New power plants are expected to come online between 2009 and 2011 and water production will rise to 200 million gallons by 2012, according to the Ministry of Electricity and Water.

Water shortages have been highlighted as one of the biggest economic, social and environmental challenges facing Arab countries. Speaking during a conference on water resources management last week, UAE Environment and Water Minister Mohammad Saeed Al Kindi said Arab cities would face a water shortage of 100 to 133 billion cubic metres a year by 2030.

from Arabian Business:

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Friday, May 25, 2007

b u r g e r s !

me read this article in NYTimes, and me really thinking of getting one today..
what's the best one you ate at a restaurent in Kuwait?

Sunday, May 20, 2007

sight seeing ;)

مادري ليش الشخص اللي يسعر مايبي أحد يقرا العنوان!! ـ

خوش اسم

Saturday, May 19, 2007

a post with no story, only marks!

this lipstick mark was on one of the walls in salhiya plaza parking staircases...

Amélie Les Crayons

i was looking for a song for this singer, but couldn't find it on youtube.. i got those other 3 chansons.. they r cool :)

Les jours de neige en ville

Le paillasson

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


I need a


at work!
especially today, please..

Monday, May 14, 2007

what is takhalof in English?

N o C o m m e n t !!

i can't..

they don't have REAL WORK to do other than REALLY visiting the hotel?? what's the point of having WORKERS to work for u?!?! they call them employees.. for god sake!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Mrs, Miss, and Ms? in arabic!

it is much better in english if i want to address a woman.. if i don't know her marital status, then i would say Ms!

but in ARABIC.. what shall i say.. "al sayida" or "aaanisa"?

how about INVENTING a new title in arabic.. and we call it :

al-sayyina.. " السينة " ?

maybe.. al-Zayyina so they think it is a compliment ;)

how come arabic is always rigid.. let's renew it! :)

what do u all think..

i thought of.. "al-aasida" "الآسدة".. but i didn'tlike the sound of it.. ;)

Thursday, May 03, 2007

hey kingy!

**a New Yorker magazine cartoon**

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

majlis el oma!

i saw some of today's session of majlis el oma about defending public money..

all the best to those who try to say even one word to defend even a single dinar.

and damn those who try to defend those who steal even a cheap fils!

** some MP stood and said this! (wala el 3atheeem he said it!) he said: "some people established a company with a capital of two hundred and fifty thousand dinar! how could they be biding on a project that costs a quarter million dinar!" he doesn't know that 250,000 is the same as quarter million!!
i don't know how come such a person is an MP!!

3ishna o shifna!