Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Do u want a better Kuwait?

Few ideas came to mind when I am facing this question as I think of it all the time..

1- All ministers should have MBA's from respected schools. (school names that WERE in the Ministry of Higher Education list 10 years ago.. and not added in the last few years)

2- All wikala and el wikala el mosa3ideen from all ministries should come from Private sector! and have at least 10 years experience in a close enough field. The maximum level a ministry person should get is modeer edara!

3- the only exception for number 2 is when the person has an MBA from FT Rankings of top 20 schools in the world.

i will come up with more later on.


mosan mosan said...

keep on dreamin

xlant post waiting for therest

Peony said...

never gonna happen.. =)..

though im loving your ideas..

Sailor said...

great ideas , but first let them choose a minister whom his major is related to the ministry , for example , health minister must have a medical profession qualifications

Cr8ivia said...

are you living with us bilQ8? or Zaer?

Cixousian Panic said...

I agree with all your points... except the top ranking schools

... the school doesn't really matter - after all W (Bush) is a graduate of Yale - and we all see how he's doing!

But yes I agree experience and a good set of logic are a must.

nibaq said...

Your ideas an interesting, but you are looking at a top down approach. Placing requirements on Ministers only deals with the symptoms but not the problem.

I deal with ministries on a regular basis. I've been to them all and Ministers will not fix the problem.

If you want to real dive in to the problem I suggest you visit the ministries and see what occurs on the day to day basis.

What is really needed is documentation on the process and rules and regulations for the respected government sectors. Once you have that set up the public and government are informed on what the rules are and what is required.

This way it is not left up to what someone said, but is documented.

I would much rather have someone who rose in the ranks in a ministry knowing the situation than someone who was hand picked cause he wouldn't get grilled by the MPs in their first month of office.

Purplecious said...

Hmmm.. What about the person who is responsible of choosing these ministers? ;)

LOL ;p

EniGma said...

if i write a post like that i'd start typing and typing and typing and either my hand would fall off or my brain would freeze..

But if i could only change ONE thing, I'd eliminate was6a. SO MUCH would change.

Mama Ony said...

more please :)

The Simper said...


dream + doing something aout it = results :)


who knows ;)


i agree :) , and along with it let them have a degre or suficient training in management and strategic planning


the only reason that made me write this post is: because i am living here! where is ur creativity??


the reason behind top ranking schools is for #3 which would be applied to those who are graduates of the ministry system.

not that other schools don't offer good traning.. but i need a super charged pill hat wuld shock them and feed them the proper way of thinking.

i know.. that not all students coming out of those schools would be good.. but i hope that we don't get outliers!


welcome to my space :)

i totally agree with u with regard to documentation on the process and rules and regulations.

what we need is a set of POLICY and PROCEDURES with all the required documentation and CLEAR reasons for rejecting anything. i don't want it to be a subjective matter for el modeer or anyone there!

he reason i said go from the top.. is that i wanted to summarize all those steps by hoping that such a person with those credentials would start by applying the logical tols of management that would start at the bottom.


what about him?? i just want him to do one thing... get those people there and let them work!


i know we all can type a lot regarding this issue.. but id rather chose few points that would have the majourity of the effects :)

and you are TOTALLY CORRECT by eliminating was6a.. so much things would be better! thank u :)

Mama Ony

just wana say.. iv read ur posts.. and some of ur comments in others' blogs.. i am so impressed wala :) and i like the way u think and so much :)

welcome to my space :)