Tuesday, May 01, 2007

majlis el oma!

i saw some of today's session of majlis el oma about defending public money..

all the best to those who try to say even one word to defend even a single dinar.

and damn those who try to defend those who steal even a cheap fils!

** some MP stood and said this! (wala el 3atheeem he said it!) he said: "some people established a company with a capital of two hundred and fifty thousand dinar! how could they be biding on a project that costs a quarter million dinar!" he doesn't know that 250,000 is the same as quarter million!!
i don't know how come such a person is an MP!!

3ishna o shifna!


Cr8ivia said...

who?? mino?

la sij LOL

shar ilbaliya ma yuth7ik walla :|

EniGma said...

umbaihhh fashlaa

cixousianpanic said...


between the religious freaks o people who just wanna leach off the country... :(

its so frustrating. You know, their spending more than 5o million to separate the boys from the girls in university ... ba3dain they complain about the girls and the guys.. doi!

but i'm not gonna go into that its too early in the morning!

mosan mosan said...

we have to talk more abt this on saturday ...

today is a joker again... why does it have to be always against the clock