Sunday, May 20, 2007

sight seeing ;)

مادري ليش الشخص اللي يسعر مايبي أحد يقرا العنوان!! ـ

خوش اسم


tweety said...

يمكن اللي يسعر مو عاجبه العنوان

أو يمكن بيخليكم تحسون بقيمة شغله لما اتعابلون على ما اتشيلون السعر

أو عباله نفس الموز الناس يحبون اللي عليه علامه لوووول

مادري ليش اشتهيت قرص عقيلي لما قريت حلويات ومعجنات

tweety said...

يختييييييييي علي وانا أول وحدة !

رجاءا ابي هدية

Shoush said...

Eee, i don't know why they do that! Ana yb6oon chabdi akthar when am trying to buy a CD wil price tag is on the list of songs or something. 3alaihom 7arakat na7eesa.

Cr8ivia said...

aham sahy ilsammoon

Cixousian Panic said...

no comment on the truck at this moment of world history ;/

bas shawagtni 3ala mana2eesh :( *drools at the sides of her mouth*

and the person who priced the book is most definitely cross-eyed!! or just darn.... athwal! All this empty space o ma 3ijaba illa right smack in the middle of the title!

LOL@ shoush's comment!! SO true! Why do they do that? why don't they just put on the side? ta5alof.

Shoush said...

Cix: Eee wala, y7rooon! Oo I search for another CD to read 3adil bs of course tilgain they r on the same place exactly ib kil il CD's! 7ada ta5alof!

Cixousian Panic said...

simp? :(

- new post dude, no?

Mishari said...

امثلة التخلف

ولنحسن النية

بالقول انه امى

ويا سيدى ما دقش

Shurouq said...

That's the book series I work for!