Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Mrs, Miss, and Ms? in arabic!

it is much better in english if i want to address a woman.. if i don't know her marital status, then i would say Ms!

but in ARABIC.. what shall i say.. "al sayida" or "aaanisa"?

how about INVENTING a new title in arabic.. and we call it :

al-sayyina.. " السينة " ?

maybe.. al-Zayyina so they think it is a compliment ;)

how come arabic is always rigid.. let's renew it! :)

what do u all think..

i thought of.. "al-aasida" "الآسدة".. but i didn'tlike the sound of it.. ;)


mosan mosan said...

buddy where did this thought come from ? what on earth are you on ? How about addressing them (ABLA)no need to invent a new word

Se Sentir said...

Are you sure there is no such thing? I never learned any technical writing in arabic. Actually, come to think of it, the phrase 'Sayyedati, Aanisati, Sadati' comes to mind, so I guess you are right!

But save yourself the work and don't invent anything, I am sure someone would come and tell you it's 7aram to address a lady, so just address her mu7ram, so just use Sayyedi!

eshda3wa said...

i dnt knw hw many woman would want to be addressed as a lioness

just say law sama7tay 3an ethnich 3afwan
without pinning a specific word to her

and if u do so wat?

shell correct u

mosan mosan said...


dont listen to anyone they love us calling the ya ABLA

Cixousian Panic said...

I don't understand why men are addressed as only sayid and women have to be defined by the fact of whether they are married or not!!

stupid stupid stupid social stigmas!

I dunno what the Arabic for Ms. is... hmmmm....

LMAOF!! at asadah - it's like saying ilnisrah! :D

I agree with eshda3wa - women will not like it!

the tooth.fairy said...


I think neither. Just law sama7tai is the best solution.

Aw Ekhti

Don't over think it :P

Shoush said...

Al-Aasida.. rawr!

And yes, I second Cix Panic.. why oh why "men are addressed as only sayid and women have to be defined by the fact of whether they are married or not!!"

The Simper said...

mosan mosan

from writing official letters to women! maybe i need to do the ABLA thingy and tell u what i get as response :P

Se Sentir

no sir.. i dunno of anything that we hae in arabic that equals the "Ms" thingy.

about mi7ram.. if i have their address i would :P but i tend to lose them :D


me neither.. i said i wouldn't think it would be ok ;) and actually it is not LIONESS.. it is al aaaaaaaaseda. not al asada ;) ako difference... sa7?

o ba3dain law sama7tay.. o 3an ethnich is not applicable in writting official business letters.. sa7? ;) this is what made me write this post :) so yalla.. help me! find something cool for the ladies :)

mosan mosan

i will find someone whom i shall call ABLA ;)

Hey Cixousian Pal ;)

me neither! i think cancelling those titles for the omen is the best thing.. now yalla.. shiday 7eelich find a title in arabic so i will be te first user of this title :D

the tooth.fairy

the work.. but not in memos and letters.. sa7? ;)

now i will over think it :P


walah madri why :P

Missy-TheOriginal said...

gaaaaaaaaaaasp!!! How dare you attempt to change thy language? @@ hehehehhe ...yes absolutely! I know what you're talking about, I get the same problem in writing business letters sometimes :[

heehehh I liked what mosan said, it's like those B&W egyptian movies man when the girl says "ya abla" to perfectly every female species in the movie, might work hehe =P

The Simper said...


i might try it sij ;) but how about EL-OSTAAZA ;)? which one do u prefere?

or.. how about no women in positions where u have to address them? :PpPp

positive said...

khalna 3ala ma e7na 3aleh abrak ;)

Anonymous said...

مال امه داااااعي هالموضوع

ترا انا لوير

بسس انا في مكان ما اقدر ادش في نكي


Sara said...

hmmm tegdar tgool e5ty .. aw ela el e5t folana oo bala sayeda oo anessa :> el e5t aw e5ty af'9al .. or u can say ela el fa'9ella aw el mo7tarama aw el mowaqara .. fe wayed kalemat tegdar testa5demhaa oo mala da3y kel hal looya :>