Wednesday, January 09, 2008

أستاذه نورية

يا نورية
يا أستاذه نورية
نور ب نور كان اسلوبك
نور ب نور طريقتك
نور ب نور كلامك
الله ينور عليج دنيا و آخرة


Deema said...

i've been told that she did great!


The Simper said...

i have seen what she did ;)
and this is why i have this post :)

Deema said...

u actually went there?

The Simper said...

no.. still watching now

Deema said...

alla e3eenik .. i can't stand watching such things!


Someday said...

She was sensible!! Hatha aham shay!!!
ana didn't watch it all bs shwayya on tv!!! kint mtab3ah nEo he did a great cover!

tadrey?!?! I sometimes an9edim when you write in arabic!! cheny mo m9adgah ink t3aref 3araby!!?! 3aba6!!:$

Ni3Na3aH said...

3ashat Noreyah!
masheft'ha on tv.. bas ma3aha o thed nowaab el takhalof:/

Amethyst said...


عاجل said...

الف مبروك الوزيرة عدت بسلام