Wednesday, March 05, 2008

No mobiles while driving!

I heared that there is law to be presented for the honarable national assembly by the ministry of the interior. The law would ban talking on the mobile (or maybe using the mobile) while driving. I have no more details for this law or even if this law would be in effect, but i have some thoughts with regard to this law if passed:

1. i am wondering on the possibility of people really puting down their mobiles and not using them.

2. how on earth that few police cars would be following all the people using their mobiles.

3. how about using the headset? and maybe just RECIEVE a call.

4. can i just call someone quick (i will use speed dial!!) and use headset?

5. would SMS's be defined in the law? is it ok to write it? or just read it?!

6. how abut MMS? if SMS's are not defined, would i get away with MMS?

and the LAST and most important point is:

WHAT ABOUT PEOPLE WHO SMOKE?? any law to smack them??


Big Pearls said...

emm I need the phone whil driving sometimes, but I hate people who use the phone and forget that they're driving on the road!

vancouver said...


طيب مو الاولى يخالفون اللي ياكل واهوه يسوق
او يخالفون اللي يقعد ياهل بالمقعد الامامي
طيب هل تطبيق هالقانون معناته
منع تركيب تلفون السياره
وليس الموبايل
يعني بيمنعون الوكالات من بيع السيارات اللي فيها تلفونات مثلا؟

ودي اعرف شنو الحكمه من اصدار قانون
عارفين ومتاكدين انه لن يطبق

اوباما وبس
والباجي خس

mosan said...

1- I think a law against driving and talking on a mbl already exists.
2- A law banning smoking and driving does exist.
3- the cops do it them self.
4- there is also a law against munaqabat driving

Anonymous said...

See Here or Here

Anonymous said...

there is a law for those who smoking which it's 50 K.D. penalty