Thursday, May 22, 2008


one chapter has been turned
new members are in
older ones are back to the old stories
one country is looking!
..and waiting!!

ps. i wanted to write a post, didn't know what to write.. so i came up with those 5 lines.. at the same time while reading them again.. this song of yanni came to mind.. i felt it is related to the subject.


Amethyst said...

We sure are waiting..

Deema said...

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته
ننقل لكم نشرة اخبار الساعة التاسعة مساءا بتوقيت دولة الكويت


The Simper said...

ya.. let's wait


Deema said...

yanni ithakkirny bila5bar

The Simper said...

Deema.. 7aram 3alaich.. 3ad Yanni with news? well.. how about Tchaikovski's Nutcraker? ;) now we'r talking NEWS @ 9 :)

Deema said...

it is called the lightning, there're two pieces in this video, the first one i always hear in "the beginning" of ila5bar "madry 3ad lail7een" bs really it is :)

bs the nutcracker malat istiqbal lishaikh only :D

Q8Sky said...

what do think about the result mr.simpe ?