Wednesday, November 19, 2008

lovely earth!

i love the natural landscape!


Deema said...

come on simper! the only natural thing here is the water penetration through the fields :P

I can call this coincidental rather than natural :) as the over all image never intended to be so.. :D

Cr8ivia said...


u love weird things :/ as usual:D

mosan mosan said...

of what this is image?

The Simper said...


do u see buildings? do u see artificial things? do u see plastics? do u see UN-NATURAL things? ;)

what i see is the beauty of plants, greenery, farms, God's gift to humans :D this is the landscape of of Nature that i am talking about ;)

i didn't think u would miss out on that dear ;)

and nice comment :P


where is ur creativity? ;)
Cr8TiviTi should take u to weird places dear :) that is if u wana call it weird!


lovely farms in france.. im gona buy one farm.. do u need to buy one for ur self too? lets find a good daLLaaL ;)

Miznah said...

Sounds like a great retirement plan.. a chateau with its vineyard. Wake up in the morning, your own fresh milk, bread, cheese, and wine! la dolce vita!

mosan mosan said...

YES YES I DO,,,,I want to get out of here