Saturday, December 06, 2008



Purplecious said...

beeeeeeeh ghbaaaaaaar

inzain mako translation?? ;p

shino thekrayatik m3 hal song?


a7la maq6a3 lama ygolon:

Yekeke nimo ye ke ye ke
Yekeke nimo ye ke ye ke

hehehe 3ajebaa thanx.. wayed sayer dangerous hal ayam shesalfah? ;)

Miznah said...


Shurouq said...

Was it 1987?
I must be really really really old.

Khosh 3eediya :) Thank you.

The Simper said...


salamaat min hal musical ghbaar!
3asa mo emsaweelich 7asasiya :P

3ad this song gabol 3abali inha in english! malleet o ana ba3arif shigoloon bas mako fayda :P aakhir shay 6la3at bas hal Yakyakii.. o yakyaki ;)


YES YES YES :P share with us more of ur OLD music? ;)


yes it was 1987.. i listed to it on the radio yesterday and they were saying the performers name and what year it was! i was WOW.. it has been really some time.. and i guess it was the first time i knew the name of the singer! hehehe

if u said "REALLY" old 3 times.. then I AM much more than 3 times ;)

wait for el 3eediya .. i am printing some money for that purpose.. ur welcome :)

Miznah said...

what do you mean OLD?? in Capital ba3ad! lol

Deema said...

awal mara ashoofha, awal marra asma3ha... does this prove my youth :P

The Simper said...

i said OLD music ;) i wasn't talking about u :P

hmmmm.. so you are youthfull in the music sense? ;) what about your HISTORY filled blog.. any meanings? ;)))

well, you didn't say how do u like the song :)