Thursday, January 15, 2009

old tapes?!?

do u guys still have your old CHROME and METAL tapes???
are you still using them?
or to some of you:
do you know what is a CHROME or METAL tape?


mosan mosan said...

i think i still have some if i look really hard

which 1 did you prefer ?

The Simper said...

i prefer CD's :P

but i had lots of chrome.. very few metal.. and those are 3 smaples i scanned them :)

Purplecious said...

shino elfarg??

3ndy tapes lel7en i use them in my car!


The Simper said...

the difference is in the degree of sound sensitivity i guess..

how about if u scann some of those tapes.. khanshoof shino tismi3een ;)?

vancouver said...



عندي اشرطة قديمه بس مو اغاني
مسجلين اصواتنا فيها واحنا صغار

Shurouq said...

Still have them, yes.. somewhere.
Still use them, no.

I know that some tapes had chrome written on them, but I really couldn't tell the difference when it came to sound quality.. I guess it takes a sensitive ear.

Deema said...

we still have them, but I rather try them sometimes, bs not use them... mit7asfa laish sayarty ilyideeda ma feeha cassette :s

سـهـيـر زكــي said...

انا فاكرة الميتال, أصل كان عند بابا شريط واحد بس منها, وكانت من شركة كي دي دي وتقيلة وشفافة وكانت غالية بالمقارنة مع أسعار بقية الشرايط
وكان فيه زر صغير بالريكوردر مكتوب عليه ميتال\كروم, وده عشان تشغله لما يكون شريطك من النوعية ديت
معرفش ايه الفرق, بس يمكن يكون بجودة التسجيل

سـهـيـر زكــي said...

تي دي كي
سوريي معرفش ليه كتبتها كي دي دي
يمكن لأني جعانة ولسّة متغديتش

Miznah said...

Oh..I just knew the difference

I have them all dusty and stacked up somewhere.. a big portion of them were "mixes" and the others were recordings of our silly voices singing and goofing around..

I want to convert them into CDs but don't know how.. yet :)