Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Obama + Leno

Obama will be on Jay Leno's Late Show this coming Thursday!

WOW.. so cool :)

don't miss it!
on Orbit, Comedy Channel, Friday at 9:00 pm


vancouver said...


7addy metshawga lil 7alqa :)

lawyer said...

دزلي مسج ذكرني


Fastidious Babe said...

i did not like that he was on leno for some reason..

and especially at the end.. he sounded fake..

why would a president put himself in such a position.. where ppl can poke at his credibility?

but that's just me.

The Simper said...


hope u watched it and enjoyed it :)


I sent you SMS, MMS, VHS, DVD and esh esh a7 ;)

Fas Babe..

im actually wondering why do u consider such a move as a PUT DOWN?

it can come only from a man full of CONFIDENCE and down to earth.. he is the head of the greatest state in out age! he doesn't need to polish his looks nor to act in a fake way to belive his position.. he is making his position proud by him and not vice versa.

interesting to see how others percieved it :) and welcome to simperland :)