Friday, April 03, 2009

a thought

today, i woke up with a thought in mind.. i don't know why, so don't ask me!
"نحن أمة لا تهاب السلاح، ولكن تخاف من كلمة"


esTeKaNa said...

انا كان عبالي بس انا اللي اقوم من النوم في بالي حكم
ومرات اغاني
صح النوم ..الظاهر كان حلمك فيه حروب

Deema said...

really this is a thought i always had.. it is no matter what you do but it is more of what we say that counts.

Broke said...

أول مرة تمر علي


very true

Someday said...

maybe back in the days
now I think words don't even count

mosan mosan said...

"WE are a lost nation with no hope what so ever"

this what you should have woken up thinking