Sunday, August 23, 2009

Museums.. in the USA

awal shay.. embarak 3aleekom el shahar :)

thaani shay.. i was wondering how many GOOD museums do we have here in Kuwait.. since i don't know.. or i have to think for 5 minutes to get the number, but i don't wana think.. i thought what about the US..

i googled how many museums in the USA.. i got this link for the The American Association of Museums:

very interesting info..


ميمة السبيت said...

** احنه ناس اندور المطاعم و السوقه بس ترى في ناس وايد اذا سافروا لازم اروحون المتاحف و يدورونها و صراحة ماتقارن المتاحف اللي بره و بالدول الاوروبية معانه

* ترجم اللي قلته و حطه اللغة اللي تبيها :)

Deema said...

simper, roo7 read my comment for you on red's post ;p

Miznah said...

the renovation of the National Museum of Kuwait has been on hold for more than 8 years now.. cuz it's not a priority in this society..

did you know we have a MOMA in kwt?