Friday, July 06, 2007


this is a site that sells "already made reservations" for selected restaurants in New York City and the East Hamptons..
nice idea.. instead of cancelling your reservation.. sell it ;)
tomorow is 07-07-07
nice ;)


Deema said...

hi! walla nice idea (7alata applied here in kuwait)



eshda3wa said...

another way to make easy money

Cuteberry said...

Simpaaa! Instead of cancelling reservations, you should make one!

where are you taking me for the spacial day of 07-07-07? *wink* :P

Navy Girl said...

aint that considered illegal ?? my god yabon ay shy to make money :D

07-7-7 devilish :P

Purplecious said...

i don't think its gonna be a good idea to be applied in Kuwait. I beleive some people are gonna make business from it, how? by making reservations at weekends and in prime times with no intention to attend but with intention to sell it ;)

next year etha allah a7yana
08-08-08 ;)

mosan mosan said...

great idea I love it

Shoush said...

Ya salam.

Vancouver said...

هذا اثبات
انه كل شيء بهالعالم صار

بس صج خووووووش تاريخ
يا حظها ايفا لنجوريا بتعرس فيه

Deema said...

i saw the other day someone posted something on 7.7.7 at 7!!
bas 7addy istanast inna it wasn't 7:00 or 7:07
it was 7:03 :D
walla ! ya3ni 6ali3 feeha!!