Thursday, July 26, 2007


it has been one year since my first post.. well.. it was in 21st of july.. and today is 26th ;)

thank you SHOUSH for reminding me ;) i know it is coming soon.. but too lazy to check :P she commented in my previous post and gave me the HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my blog ;)

thanks.. and hope all enjoy their day and the current weekend ;)

******* UPDATE ********

happy blog-day to Q8CuteBerry too, she is 1 year old today ;)


Cuteberry said...

***Happy Birthday***
***Simpaaaaa's Blog***

Guess what? We started about the same time.. Actually TODAY my Blog marks the ONE YEAR exactly ;)

Keep it up honey ;)

Vancouver said...

كل عام وانت ومدونتك بخير
بس ما يصير
لا شاي لا عصير لا كيك :)
نبي احتفال بحأ و حئيئي

البوست السابق طافني بس لازم اقولك انه
Soooooooooo Funnyyyyyy :)))

The Simper said...

[[ Cuteberry ]]

thank u thank u thank u ;)

the update is for ya ;)

[[ Vancouver ]]

merci awee aweee ;)
all is there.. i can send them to u ;) cakes cocktails tea+mint ;)

ur presence is always and mostley welcomed my dear ;)

eshda3wa said...

happy blog birthday!!

The Simper said...

[[ eshda3wa ]]

thanks.. but why the exclamation points ;)?

Navy Girl said...

happy b'day you all lol :P

Cuteberry said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !! This is sooooo sweeeet of you *blush*

:) Your sweetness never ends.. a7la shay ;)

Shoush said...

Hehe, anytime neighbor! ;P Mabrook oo 3o2baal il 100 inshala! :)

I just looked at my archives and my blog is still a baby salim galbaa wala. ;P

Deema said...

Dear The Mayor of Simper Land,
I have the greatest honor to deliver this royal messege to you:


The Mayoress of Deema Land

mosan mosan said...

Happy anniversary … and I do take the blame


The Simper said...

[[ Navy Girl ]]

thank u thank u ur royal navyness ;);)

[[ Cuteberry ]]

it keeps going and going and going ;)

[[ Shoush ]]

neighbor! ;P?? wain? :P

i will have a party for ur 1st blog-b-day ;)

[[ Deema ]]

Dear The Mayoress of Deema-Land and Architecture Logic and Photography beauty ;

thank u

thank u

thank yooooo ;)

[[ mosan mosan ]]

thanks bro.. and always glad to hand u the blame and see ur cmments all the time ;)

bottoms up ;)

Shoush said...

Neighbor bil blogsphere, latroo7 ib3eed! :P Hehe. Everyone on my blogroll is my neighbor.

And yaaaa, LAZIM PAR-TAAAY! ;P

Deema said...

Dear The Simper,

New post please


بنت الكويت said...

كل عام ومدونتك بخير :)

وانشاءالله تتواصل فيها

happy birthday

The Simper said...

[[ Shoush ]]

3ayal ya halaa bil neighbor ;).. o inshala we wait for the PaAaAR-TAAAY ;)

[[ Deema ]]

it is there.. and it has architecture in it ;)

[[ بنت الكويت ]]

inshala o thank u :)