Thursday, August 02, 2007

Stock Exchanges of the World (just few pics)

**London Stock Exchange

**the bull and bear infront of the Frankfurt Bourse

**the old Paris Bourse

** the NYSE..

and Kuwait Stock Exchange:


mosan mosan said...

cool post , but I cant find the building where I work now...

where ie th SE of japan ?


Missy-TheOriginal said...

a7la 9oora malat likuwait :) hehe

Navy Girl said...

love the london building looks cool .. bs our building is fine too .. its really looks nice !

Deema said...

very good analysis !
i never thought of it this way neither viewed the plan of this part of the city!
it is an exellent piece of information, well i liked the exchange stock market as a building, but the surrounding area -although very much related in functioning, but in an urban point of view it is a very harsh urban context for the most crowded point in the city!
it is the only place i find kuwaiti people walking around in the city, but the crowd of cars VS the crowd of people besides the understanding of human circulation in respect to his needs is lacking maturity. i think the reason is Zoning without Designing,whenever there is zoning it means that all those in the zone are or may be the interest of one man, so i have to design urbanisticly to create a configuration that can be understood in a perspctive point of view rather in a plan point of view.

Anonymous said...


eshfeeeeeek 3ala el Roman Temple designs?????

fy sir akeeeeeeed bs shino el sirrrrr??

ama el map kha6eraaaaaaaaa
wala el VIP parking eb gal3at wadreeen hehehehe

khalas lazim yabnoooon parking mithil elawadim 7g el KSE o shar6 el design mala "Roman" ;)

btw: happy anniversary 3ala your blog sorry i missed it :)

e7m e7m

Anonymous said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL chakeeeet "qased kheer" bel map :p

Deema said...

oh !! i just got it, it is a roman obsession i see here!, but don't get too upset that they don't do a roman one here in kuwait, all the previous photos aint like yours, you have the only ionic order :D

you can build your ionic order temple with simper stamp here in kuwait,ee walla, winta shga9ir 3an 7sainoo 3abdilri'9a!

White Wings said...

well...nice pictures :)

The Simper said...

[[ mosan mosan ]]

i couldn't find a good pic of japan's SE.. o same for Kuwait SE.. only few pics and those r the best shots.

[[ Missy-TheOriginal ]]

el surrounding elawi3 el chabd! etha u tit6anizain .. asam7ich ;)

[[ Navy Girl ]]

well.. the building is kinda ok.. mako wayid ma3na.. SOOO MUCH lost and unsed space... VOIDS and VOIDS.. i heard they wana build another stock exchange! madri laish!! lo this design is good.. we wouldn't be needing another building.. o ba3dain ako nas mako shighil el 9ib7.. 3abalohom dewaniya! duuuh .. ako shay esma online traing.. i don't wana yada yada more.. :)

The Simper said...

[[ deem ]]

most of our so named: URBAN design and LANDSCAPING (if we have such a thing) is harsh... our guys they design.. and they care noting for the following:

1. how to get to the building if ur walking or driving.

2. how would u enhance the building surrounding

3. how do u account for future expansion.

4. importance of maintenance (i know it is not the job of the designer, but at least they have o think this way since building operaors are messed up and don't care much for maintnce!)

sam3a bil mathal elli egool.. e9rif ma bil jaib, eyeek ma b fil ghaib?! ako nafsa i guess for designing in kuwait.. design anyhing, people will adapt!!

but el hope with college of architecture, and not letting ENGINEERS design architecture!!! this is our peoblem.. we need architects for bldgs.. urban planners for cities and areas.. and landscape architects for surroundings and mashatil!!


The Simper said...

[[ color purple ]]

thanks for ur wishes :)

i like el old roman designs :) they r so cooool.. with all their orders :)

sh3arifach eb qaasid khair??? etshaysheeen there???? :P

The Simper said...

[[ arch: deem AGAIN ;) ]]

el link cool, bas nagis ha el Tuscan order.. i love ionic.. this is why my pic is ionic..
i think frankfurt has a tuscan columns ... sa7?
check it :)

i know the rest are conrinthians.. but a7is ina WAAYID ;)

ionic is stylish ;)

The Simper said...

[[ White Wings ]]

lots of thanks dear :)

i wish i take them by my self :)

Navy Girl said...

oh really ! i never saw it from the inside i thought it just looked good from the outside ! 7asafa ! but lesh another building ?? oh wait i forgot this is kuwait where they usually do that a lot :P

Deema said...

simper.. you are so right that i actually jotted down the stuff you listed in my notebook..

and anout the tuscan i tried to look it up bas ma kammalt ilsearch.. malait :P

anyways.. see ya