Saturday, August 25, 2007

7aaaaaaaaaathiR ;)

حاظرييييييين ;)
or is it with "ض"
madri :D
this is my new post.. :)
what is philosophy?? ya3ni shino? i never took a course in philosophy.. not in high school.. nor after it.. i wana read a book now about it.. i feel it is a COOL science to digest and use ;) is it a science of the past, where there were no specialization in sciences and learning?... or is it always gona be around wih us to enhance the way we think? i dunno.. i feel it is nice to know it.. and makes u think how to think? so what do u think?
hatha post 3al saree3.. maykhaloon el wa7id yirtaa7 min el posting shwaya! ;)

today's song...

Avec le temp
Avec le temps...
Avec le temps, va, tout s'en va
On oublie le visage et l'on oublie la voix
Le coeur quand ça bat plus, c'est pas la peine d'aller
Chercher plus loin, faut laisser faire et c'est très bien
Avec le temps...
Avec le temps, va, tout s'en va
L'autre qu'on adorait, qu'on cherchait sous la pluie
L'autre qu'on devinait au détour d'un regard
Entre les mots, entre les lignes et sous le fard
D'un serment maquillé qui s'en va faire sa nuit
Avec le temps tout s'évanouit
Avec le temps...
Avec le temps, va, tout s'en va
Mêm' les plus chouett's souv'nirs ça t'a un' de ces gueules
A la Gal'rie j'Farfouille dans les rayons d'la mort
Le samedi soir quand la tendresse s'en va tout' seule
Avec le temps...
Avec le temps, va, tout s'en va
L'autre à qui l'on croyait, pour un rhume, pour un rien
L'autre à qui l'on donnait du vent et des bijoux
Pour qui l'on eût vendu son âme pour quelques sous
Devant quoi l'on s'trainait comme trainent les chiens
Avec le temps, va, tout va bien
Avec le temps...
Avec le temps, va, tout s'en va
On oublie les passions et l'on oublie les voix
Qui vous disaient tout bas les mots des pauvres gens
Ne rentre pas trop tard, surtout ne prend pas froid
Avec le temps...
Avec le temps, va, tout s'en va
Et l'on se sent blanchi comme un cheval fourbu
Et l'on se sent glacé dans un lit de hasard
Et l'on se sent tout seul peut-être mais peinard
Et l'on se sent floué par les années perdues
Alors vraiment
Avec le temps on n'aime plus.

PLEASE: no comments in french, for i know non :D


mosan mosan said...

well I took abt 3 classes I enjoyed it very much. It makes qustion eveything .. you already do that anyway ... you need to explore it

whats with Dalida lots of bloggers are posting her songs like SP and other few I dont remeber ..why the sudden revivl am I missing something

welcome back mosan it has been a while


mosan mosan said...

7athreen 4 whom ?

mosan mosan said...


you should start writing series about um el cake wa landen

Shoush said...

I took a class called "Belief, Knowledge Facts". I dropped the course right after I attended the first class during add/drop week. It's just not my thang. ;P

Purplecious said...

i decided to grant you the honor of my first comment in my new year


حاضرين "ض" حاضرين للطيبين



y36ek el3afyah 3ala hal post eli 3al mashy

taby etsaketny haaaaa?? inzain ;p

bs tara i don't think you need it coz you are a philosopher in nature ;)

هذا العلم أحسه السهل الممتنع
كووووول بس يخليك تتعقد

ما عندي خبره فيه بس أتوقع انا مثلك راح يعجبني

ميرسي على الاغنيه
اسمها مع الوقت؟؟

لا عاد ابيك اترجملي الاغنيه


Sentir said...

I took a philosophy course once. Very nice, but truly unique. Any question can have any answer, I remember it being the longest exam EVER (4 hours) and I still had more answers. So I guess not as glamourous as it seems!!!

lawyer said...


عاد انت من غير شي كلا بوستاتك فلسسسسسفه على فماله داعي ابداااااا تكون ماخذ

انت مفاسف عمرك بعمرك

اسم الله عليك ما تحتااااااااي

صباحك عسل

Navy Girl said...

oh please don’t remind me .. I had a class aboutGreek philosophers .. at first I hated it .. but then I realized that I’m too good at it lol :D I think its all about being complicated and never say one word but always philosophise about anything ..

oh i'm not that good at french .. but i love it .. and i love that song :D

Deema said...

if this is 3al mashy 3ayal il serious shlon!!

well in college we have to take like 11 courses as ellectives! it is the architecture faculty deciding that an architect should have a broader perspective into the fields of life (as if we don't actually do this in the design courses!) anyways i found myself taking philosophy courses one after the other!

-my comment seems long-

-i took logic 101 coz a friend said that i have no logic.
-philosophy of art and aesthetic
-philosophy of language(my fav.)
-Theory of Architecture I.
well one of the guys you should google is Jilles Delleuze an amazing philosopher, and i like the approach of Jacks Darrida too, still trying to understand both!
decarte and focault are on my list.

ammm i guess philosophy is something like a dictionary, can be applied in everything to understand and to compare, just like language..

i love the film or cinema philosophy, because it is like life on a smaller scale, a model of life so the philosopher here can embrace and cope the performance or the work with his philosophy skills.

i don't think it is useful for you to learn philosophy from teachers, coz they are going to end up with teaching you the history of philosophy, but instead you should learn the philosophy practice by excercising with an analytical and comparative manner in everything you view or read. the same thing you should do with reading to philosophers.. :)
ana 6awwalt o ahagany bidait ahathry.. o asfa 3ala li6wala illy malha numoona, bas inta janait o inta itta7ammal laish ITTIFALSAF o taktib 3an ilFALSAFA :D

Deema said...

o m g i still have one thing to say! aaaah .. i don't believe that it is should be complicated, instead it is a simplifies language, the only complicated way in philosophy was hegel's because he does a constructive analysis! very complicated..

Peach said...

I think .. and this is 3al saree3 :P That philosophy is what you make of it! It's your own ideas and opinions about life & existence & whatever else .. Like when you believe that wether life is going good or bad .. that "It's All Good", that's a philosophy :)

I also think, that everybody is a philosopher in thier own way, including yourself.

You wana read something nice .. fulla ideas n' thoughts n' stuff that makes you go "hmmm" with your hand rubbing your chin ?!!

Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoevsky ;)

The Simper said...

[[ dupio mosan ]]

i will find a short book for the subject.. i guess i need to read little bit about it.. :) of course not much 3ashan i don't go nuts :P

madri about Dalida.. came with the search :P

and yaa ... welcome back.. :)

7athreen for all ;)

hahahah.. el cake o landan! hehehe no no plzzzzzzzzzzz:P

[[ Shoush ]]

if u find a class in the continuing education, let me know :P

[[ Purplecious ]]

but yabeelha cooooooordination ;) o akh6ee6 :P we will wait :D

wintay ba3ad.. u find a class.. let me know :)

translation... no no mako :D 7addi 3 numbers and 2 words :D

The Simper said...

[[ Sentir ]]

i like this about it ("Any question can have any answer") :P but it would be glamorus if u don't have to wait for a grade at the end.. yaa? ;)

[[ Ostaza lawyer ]]

i dunno!!

عاد انت من غير شي كلا بوستاتك فلسسسسسفه على فماله داعي ابداااااا تكون ماخذ
postaati kilhom youtube!! if mako youtube mako posts for me! :P

صباحك عسل
massach alah bil khair mama :)

[[ Navy Girl ]]

ana hatha elli mistanis 3aleeh.. PHILOSOPHIZE about kil shay :D i need the fundamentals and the theory that support the practise.. got me? ;)

i will post more songs if i find any..

The Simper said...

[[ Deema ]]

master philosopher Deema ;)

nice comment :) yabelich post kaamil as a reply! :P

the etymologyof "philosopher":

("Middle English philosophe, philosophre, from Anglo-French, from Latin philosophus, from Greek philosophos, from phil- + sophia wisdom, from sophos wise")

ya3ni WISE, so ur designs have to be wise ones.. u don't want them to be anything! which i come to conclude that bad buildings here were not wise in the way designed to fulfill the PURPOSE of their existance!

so instead of 11.. lazim u take 22 :P

this one sounds COOOOL: "philosophy of art and aesthetic"
i have a bok called: perception of aesthetics... but didn't read most of it :P

hatha madri shino: philosophy of language!
and i will check those names for ure :)

6awlaaay as much and as long as u wish :) 7ayach alah ;)

[[ Peach ]]

philosophy is the science of all sciences ;) the way u talk abou things.. and other matters and find new ways to discuss them. this is why PHD stands for "Doctorate of Philosophy"

i will for sure check out the title u provided . gracias :)