Tuesday, August 14, 2007

kinda flu

i think i got cold symptoms.. but ako COLD these days in this hot weather??

bas yabeela now this before bed ;)


enigma said...

i LOVE Vicks. Especially the cherry flavored one for coughs and flu I just wanna overdose on it.

Purplecious said...

kinda flu?

y3ny mo flu sejeyah??

y3ny 3ayarah ;p


bs yabeelaa akeeed
fight it as much as you can

Oo maaaa tshooof shar

Navy Girl said...

first thing .. get well soon .. ma tshoof shr :)

oo then EWWW .. EWWW & also EWWW .. i hate it i hate the smell of it !! my god .. your just like my mom she runs away to dear VICKSY whenever she think its the FLU !! i hate it :D

Anonymous said...

ماتشووووووووووووووف شر

حمدلله على سلامتك


Shoush said...

Salamat, matshoof shar inshala!

Oo belated mabrook 3ala il 100th. ;)

esTeKaNa said...

سلامات ما تشوف شر
اجر وعافيه
اشلونج الحين؟

♀ L's brain ♀ said...

Nyquil is the best. I also drink it when I have exams and want to sleep!

Though I have the dark purple one I think. Never tried this one.

Get better soon.

Deema said...

wi wi

ma tshoof shar

i usually do nothing with my flu, just get myself busy to forget about it :P

bas ashrab chay o lymon o 3asal :D
i bet you will never try it

Deem said...

Salamaaaat yal ghali :)

mosan mosan said...

salamat and cheerz

Purplecious said...

didn't you read my mind???!

New post plzzz