Sunday, February 10, 2008

Just a thought on SANTANA!

Santana is coming to Dubai, he is going to performe on the 15th of Feb. Why isn't he performing in Kuwait? they sell his tapes and CD's here? what is the diference if he is not coming here to performe? aren't those 2 matters the same?


Someday said...

Are you kidding!?!?
So dear Mr. 6ab6ab would go ballistic!!!

The Simper said...

how about BOMBASTIC :P

Someday said...

you are going?!?!?!

The Simper said...

noo... bas bat7arash :D

Amethyst said...

Uuuhh, have you met our dear parliament member El6ab6aba2i?

Shurouq said...

أي سانتانا، أي عودة المهنا

شوف وجه العنز واحلب لبن

Fashionated said...

el aghany 7aram especially western music...didn't u get 6ab6ab's memo? :P

The Simper said...


NO MY DAER! i do NOT want to meet him! :) and im so happy this way ;)


santana in dubai.. 3ooda alah yir7am ha :)

liban??? i just drank my cold milk :D


how about eastern music?? or buddha bar music :P?

Swair said...

I don't get it!

It's Santana. A hairy old geezer with a guitar.

They bring Nancy Ajram so she takes off her clothes but they don't bring Santana to play his frikkin' guitar for us?


Fashionated said...

buddha mara wa7da?? astaghfor alla :P

The Simper said...

[[ Swair ]]

maybe SANTANA did it once before and took off his clothes!!

[[ Fashionated ]]

and HUBAL-PUB too :P

Deema said...

Hello ladies and gentlemen

Mr. Tab wants you to please yourselves with a joyful trip to Dubai :)

Bon voyage :D