Sunday, February 24, 2008

my first cartoon, with someone's idea!

i was watching a TV interview on MSNBC with attorney: Robert Bennet. and he was asked on what does he tell his new clients who just call for a big PR issue. and he said: "i tell them not to say a word to any one", then he mentioned that he has a fly fish that he caught and have it hung in his office and he wrote the follwing words under its mouth:

my sketching is bad.. right? :)


Someday said...

it's GREAT!!! mon ami!!!! :D
and the line is funny!!

p.s. you need to redo the right chair!!;p

BLaSha said...

it's cute, kinda made me want to cry!!!

Cr8ivia said...

mine is worse


Shurouq said...

Hehe I like it. You're heart's in the right place and your perspective isn't so bad :P

The text would've looked better if it was handwritten.

Keep them coming.

The Simper said...

[[ Someday ]]

merci beacuop ;) ma3indi corrector fort he right chair.. hathi chithee shay saree3 o sarat heek ;)

[[ BLaSha ]]

thank u :) but why cry?? what's going on?

[[ Cr8ivia ]]

i don't think iv seen a sketch by u.. post one ;) but what's the hmmmm for? ;)

[[ Shurouq ]]

a special thank u to the master of sketches ;)

on the perspective thingy.. i think i was looking at the desk from the A/C diffuser ;)

i don't know when is the next one , but i will try ;) thanks for the comment :)

Purplecious said...

Hey simp..

hehe i liked the joke but the sketch esma7ly is realy BAD for an architect u should have done better!!!


The Simper said...

hey purp..

architecture is about concepts and ideas ;) there are always asistants who are sketch artists and draftsmen ;) so, i don't wana do better :D