Monday, November 05, 2007

art exhibition

if u don't know the place.. set ur navigation to :
N 29* 13' 39"
E 48* 00' 23"


Deema said...

cool thanks :)

lawyer said...

معرض خط ؟؟

ما احب المعارض

ماشاء الله عليكم

Anonymous said...

I don’t have navigation; p-

Is that in Kuwait?
What is it for exactly?
I’m slightly intrigued.

على نفسها جنت براقش said...

ممكن معومات اكثر عن الفنان

Shoush said...

Hehe. The invitation. Very familiar. ;P Ahem. I'd go but the gallery is physically out of my reach. Enjoy it! ;)

Deema said...

nice, but not as i thought it would be

Purplecious said...



any body home??

where are u dude? did you get lost in Sab7an or what?! ;p