Sunday, November 18, 2007

من كلمات نزار قباني

عيناك - خالد الشيخ


Ra7aLaH said...

qawee nezar qawee!

Amethyst said...

Beautiful words.

Glad to know you're alive enough to post YouTube;p

Someday said...

Oh oh oh, em’3ayer el style!! Shino el seceret ya tara yah al tara?!?!!

lawyer said...

يه يه يه


ما اصصصصصصصصصصصصدق

ما اصدق

قمت ادش و اطلع عشر مراااااااات

هذا سمبر مو سمبر


الخريف عامل عمايله يا اخووووووووي

ذوق ذوووووووووووووووووووق

Glass Fabric said...

kafi enna sha3er al mar2ah :)

Deema said...

i only can call him the poet of lebanon, i know he got political in his poems, but all what i sense in his poems are the mountains and the breezes of lebanon, the sadness and greef of lebanon.

it is weird how they both for their countries begin with 3aynaki :

and if this is really a metaphor, i wonder why men always use it, in reality there are much more details that cannot be seen in the metaphoric sense that should be dealing with the whole!


White Wings said...

الله الله
ما كنت أدري ان هذه القصيدة لنزار...روعة، الله يفتح عليك