Sunday, November 04, 2007

help ur self :)

dried peach any one?


chikapappi said...

I don' like! Next time chocolate :D

Someday said...

Mee too!!
7alat el fruit plump and watery, yummy, I don’t mind cup cakes, strawberry cheesecake, raspberry muffins, box of two levels of assorted chocolates, banana and toffee moos, ice cream, cream burle, I’m not mafgoo3a!!! I just love sweets :S

Anonymous said...

Not so good.

Amethyst said...


How come dried peaches aren't popular? They're good!

Deema said...

Thanks, so good -virtually- :)
dried grapes are nice too

:( cannot eat them though for my toothache

3alaik bil3afya :)

Purplecious said...

Me Me Me :)

o ya7abatha law kan feh chocolate fondu 7g el dipping ;p

dried fig is good too :D

lawyer said...

واي الصوووووووووووووره اتشووووووووق

احلى شي لما اسويه خشاااااااااف في رمضان

او احلى و احلى تشتري فريششششششش من عند الفارمر مارككككككككككت


Very.Q8ya said...

ye3t =/