Monday, June 18, 2007

conscious ignorance

do you know what you don't know?


Deem said...

La ya sheeeekh :P

The Simper said...

tara ur site kharbaan!! kil madish i get an error and my window shuts down!

joudy said...

No, i dont know what i dont know!! LOL

Peony said...

not really... mysteries are fun.. plus, you'll know when you know =)

lawyer said...

اذا انا عرفت

اشلون ما اعرف

مدري سمبررررر

مدري اشفيك هاليومني

موووووووووو بس فلسفه

عديييييييت المرحله انت من زمااااان

انت بلششششششششت في مرحله مدري شسميها

بسم الله حدي اخترعت

Purplecious said...

Hmmm... Great question

Of course I do know that I don’t know, otherwise how would I answer by saying “I don’t know”? ;p

for instance, I know that I don't know anything about engineering!


إن كنت لا تدرى فتلك مصيبة .. وإن كنت تدري فالمصيبة أعظم


The Simper said...


try answering those Q's:
do you "know" what you "don't" know?
do you "know" what you don't "know"?

they r differnt right? ;)


are u sure that "you'll know when you know"?? some people they think they know, but still would not really know.. and this is the problem with so many ;)


wintay killa mekhtar3a? ;) manis2al so2aal 3adi 6abee3i shwaya falsafi?? :P


tara u have some philosophy in u ;)

Socrates said: "The only thing I know is that I know nothing."

Shoush said...

I know I don't know it, but wat it is that I don't know exactly? I don't know. But if you don't know wat u don't know, does that mean u "know" wat u don't know? U know?

salfa3ajeeba said...

i think it can be by

"Finding out how you are doing in doing what you do"

Hitman1 said...

I know I don't know how to write a poem :)

Cuteberry said...

I "know" that I "don't know" ALOT of things ... hmm yeah, I think this is a valid answer ;P

Deema said...

do you know what you "don't" know:
yes ! i chose that.
do you know what you don't "know":
no, here where i get curious.

Ansam said...

who knows :-P~~

The Simper said...

what u don't know is the thing that u can't answer or would have no clue when u hear it.. ako object o ako meaning of that object dear :) so u can know the meaning ad the definition of a subject, or u can know that some subject has no meaning and relation or understanding by u.. the thing is for any one not to act like knowing it ;)

offf madri shgilt ;)

i guess this is the next and real step of knowing and not knowing what u know and don't know ;)

u need to do something regarding that.. so many bloggers are writing poetry.. u should join them man ;)

hey! me too :D welcome to the club of socrates :P

very interesting answers ;) u supplied the asnwers i was looking and searching for, cause madri what should be the answers ;)

i might know :D

Shoush said...

Eee wala, thaya3tni!

Joli said...

السؤال بحد ذاته صدع راسي


Purplecious said...

SIMPORY ------>


The Simper said...

Shoush and Joli

ma3indokom GPS NAVIGATION?? laish thay3eeen .. shfeeekom ag9aaah so2aal! hehehe :P

Purpy :P

i still see a sea of RED :P

Shale said...

Knowledge is like an orange. On the inside is what you know. On the outside is what you do not know. The skin is the interface between the two, that is, your awareness of what you do not know. The more you know, the larger the orange, and the greater your awareness of what you do not know.

Navy Girl said...

Tricky ha !

Okay lemme think @@ I think I know and I don’t know .. here you go .. I’ll explain .. yes I do know that I don’t know .. yet in another way I do not know that there is something I don’t know about … I mean I know that there is things I don’t know or maybe I know everything but I don’t know those things I don’t LOL I’ll stop right there !! what a mess ! :D

White Wings said...

do you know what i don't know? because i know what you don't know and what i don't know might not be all that important so i don't care if others know it :)
keefak? :)

Deem said...

Looool shut down marra wa7daaa!!!
Of of offf halgad mafe tafahom beeni o beenik :P

Walla I dont know simp! Its working with everybody 3adee except u!!

حمودي said...

i don`t know :)

Shoush said...

*tag* ur it Simp!

Rodrigo said...

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