Monday, June 11, 2007

old Kuwaiti coins

i saw feehq8i blog about old Kuwaiti coins..
and took those photos of my not completed "امارة الكويت" coin collection :)
i am missing the one fils..

adri wala shay minhom nitheef.. kilhom em7aleen.. any ideas to clean them? :P

** by the way, how can i have those pics clickable to be viewd?


Aldenya said...

الظاهر إنه أبوي إمكوش على كل فلسات إمارة الكويت

بقترح عليك إقتراحين

تييب لومي وتفوحه
وبماي اللومي إمسح الخردة
بس هالطريقة ما إنفعت
فلا تسويها

تييب بيبسي أو غرشة فلفل بوديج
وتقعد تمسح الفلوس وبيلمعون :>


شغله حلوة انك تيمعهم
ترى صاروا نادرين
وان شاءالله تلقى فلس إمارة الكويت قريبا :>

EniGma said...

To clean them, let them soak a bit in vinegar. Then using an old toothbrush, clean them and they'll be all nice and shiny :)

From the comment above, I think all you need is something really acidic, and a brush.

Peony said...

i had 1 fils.. bs madry wain ra7at !!
pic clickable ? i think you need a link or something.. try uploading them on oo then link it

Cr8ivia said...

ذاك اليوم انا مجابلتهم اقول شلون جذي !!
في مكتوب اماره و في لا

about the link
edit the HTML
add this tag to the pic

tag mal ilsoora

after the href and the link u can add target="_blank" so it opens in a new window

Cr8ivia said...

waaaay akteb il tag il code 3ashan itsawe clickable ye6la3 li link sijji

Navy Girl said...

now thats really old :P but look at that 5 flosssssss !! 7ada m`3braa !!

sweetd said...

loooooooool ur rich:P...hehe i collected coins for a while..most of my coins r from outside!

Ansam said...

In a container put a small amount of salt, and add enough vinegar to thoroughly moisten all of the salt.

Now apply that to the coins wherever you want. The results will show immediately and are so obvious.

Anonymous said...

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