Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I applaude your vision, Your Highness.


Drunk'n'Gorgeous said...

That's all well and good... in theory. We all know whose really gonna end up with all the $$, though.

Purplecious said...

How dare you steel my comment on lawyer's post????

there is "HOSHA" there


KIDDING ;)))))

Purplecious said...

"I applaude your vision, Your Highness."

by "Your Highness" you mean me right? ;)


The Simper said...


if u have small theory, then the practise might not be seen..

but if the theory is as large as this one, then i would really belive i would see some effects in reality. thanks ;)

ya om el banafsiji el latheeth :P

first of all, why don't u pick a pic that has the color purple in it! not like ur pic now where all what i see is RED!

now.. don't blame me, blame Bill Gates who created COPY+PASTE ;) ana shako :D

o ba3dain 3ala ur highness.. i included a link in my post.. now tell me, if u click it, do u see ur pic???? if not then it is not u my "nothing-purple-in-ur-display-pic" dear ;)

enjoy yer dey :P

Purplecious said...


Ok but don't forget that


So red is part of purple

Right now i am being dominated by my "RED" Genes

i don't know where i lost my old pic

can you choose a new one for me please? ;)

Canc3riaN said...

You people... your comments really crack me up.

Anyway... I would like to agree that the "vision" is really one that is to be "applauded" for.


DUBAI said...

Indeed ^_^