Thursday, June 14, 2007

lovely song full of advice...

this is the best song i heard that has advice..

i think the advice is eternal..

you can hear the advice anytime of the day, and anytime of the year..

enjoy it :)


White Wings said...

amazing...i really loved it, and could use it :)

Purplecious said...

Simpatikany... what about this one? ;)

I also loved the new purple version :)


Peony said...

i didnt know there was a video clip for this song !

Deem said...

Yaaaaaaaaaaay fatheeeeeeeeeeeeeee3
I loved it,, walla kalama sa7 bs wain elle yamshe 3aleeh :$

Thanc for sharing ;)

mosan mosan said...

OMG simper look @ you going all commercial posting this song towards schools year end. plus its annoying

Peach said...

Cheers ;)
I've heard this a long time ago but really needed to be reminded of it today!