Saturday, June 23, 2007


Tagged by Shoush

1. Last movie you saw in a theater?
ohh maaan.. long time ago.. i forgot :D

2. What book are you reading?
" How Customers Think "

3. Favorite board game?
NON.. how about Kout bo 6 and hand ;)

4.Favorite magazine?
The New Yorker

5. Favorite smell?
the smell of freshly brewed coffee

6. Favorite food?
beef steaks!

7. Favorite sound?
hmmm.. sound as in music? or anything else?

8. Worst feeling in the world?
betrayal by people u helped many times before

9. What is the first thing you think of when you wake up?
go to item #5

10. Favorite fast food place?
subway and صواريخ جوني

11. Future child’s name?
Paris and Hilton ;) .. i guess they go for both boys and girls :P

12. Finish this statement. "If I had a lot of money..
I would save more :D

13. Do you drive fast?
120 is fast??

14. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?
yaa.. but i wouldn't call them animals.. they are stuffed and called pillows!

15. Storms cool or scary?
they are cooool :)

16. What was your first car?
a black one with 4 black tires :D

17. Favorite drink?
water.. and go to #5 again plzzz

18. Finish this statement, “If I had the time I would..
relax and meditate more..

19. Do you eat the stems on broccoli?
what's broccoli?? never heard of that ;)

20. If you could dye your hair any color, what would be your choice?

21. Name all the different cities/towns you have lived in?
what is the definition of lived in?? like 1 month? 6 months? or more?

22. Half empty or half full?
i guess we need both.. half full to drink.. and half empty to breath! i don't see negativitiy in both?!

23. Favorite sports to watch?
playing chess :P naaaaaah.. how about Golf ;)

25. Morning person, or night owl?
used to be a reaaaaaal night owl.. not any more... now a morning person with some instances of nostalgia that brings back the memories of the owl in me :D

26. Over easy, or sunny side-up?
sunny side-up has to be free of any uncooked gelatini whites! otherwise.. turn it over ;)

27. Favorite place to relax?
in the open with 20 degrees weather with partly cloudy skys with preferably some sceneraies (sea, mountains, greens, .. )

28. Favorite pie?
Apple pie

i tag no one. :)


mosan mosan said...

loooooooool very witty

White Wings said...

kout bu 6?? i call for a match :) yes sir, i would like to think that i'm good at it
and subway is my absolute favorite rest. so if i beat you in kout, you buy me subways for a whole year...done?? :)

The Simper said...


ghayart rayee.. i tag u :)

WWW.wings ;)

a whole year!!! oh my god! can u check my answer on question #12:) need say no more :D

and what's ur favorite in subway.. please don't tell me u use more than 2 sauces!!

Purplecious said...

Interesting answers

Loved # 5 ALOT ;D

Shoush said...

Ya7lailhom Paris oo Hilton. Twins inshala ya Bo-Hilton! ;P Oo ba3dain, if u have a lot of money sh7aga ilsaving? Speeeeeeend! Speeend! 3eesh 7ayatik, istamti3! If u don't wanna spend, i'll be more than willing to spend them for u. ;P Ya Bo-Hilton! :P

The Simper said...

[[Miss Purplecious]]

and number five it is :)

[[Miss Shoush]]

but who would be the boy and who would be the girl?? help me on Paris and Hilton :P

tara saving is good ;) along with investing.. they are the essence of wealth creating and preservation my dear ;)

not spending ! :P

a7La eNG said...

why !
صواريخ جوني و

it has to be like this :
النفق و صواريخ جوني

n .. the CIA + FBI + the ppl in guantanamo >> all at ur doorstep in 10 sec hehehe

w 12 .. hmmm .. dont wanna say cheap .. cuz u'r not ;pP

u r a funny smart no cheap Tagged person :D

lawyer said...



لحظه وايد اشياء بعلق عليها

اول شي افحمتناااااااااا

بصراحه افحمتنااااا


محد يقدر يمسك عليك شي و لا يصيد عليك شي
و لا تبرررررررررررررررررد القلب



25. Morning person, or night owl?
used to be a reaaaaaal night owl.. not any more... now a morning person with some instances of nostalgia that brings back the memories of the owl in me :D

حدهاااااااااا يازتلي

اوبس نسيت اقوووووولك

جود مورنينج


salfa3ajeeba said...

cool answers,

bilnisba li Q# 26 ilthahir inta min ilno3 ili itloo3 chabdah ibsir3ah min hal ashya,

fa ma a3tigid it7ib ilmilo'7iyah bilaranib:) wila ana '3al6anah

Deema said...

broccoli is a green flower (a kind of vegetable) we eat in lots of dishes .. bil3araby qarnabee6 :D
ooo fy nas isammona zahra aw zahar, lama tagleeha t9eer bai'9a, o a7la shay ma3a bu6a6 o baidiyan, o itha kalt'ha mafyo7a t9eer chinna akil mustashfayat.

thank you for your attention... and patience :P

Anonymous said...

heheheheh .. iv answered ur comment !!

23. Favorite sports to watch?
playing chess :P naaaaaah.. how about Golf ;)

Golf ? Interesting you must be very patient

Shoush said...

Hilton is the boy! :P And ya Bo-Hilton, saving is good ma5talafna. Bs ham spending is good. Spend in investments! And spend on urself! And yaa.. come donate ib my "Aston Martin Fund"! U must!

The Simper said...

[[ a7La eNG ]]

el tashkeel zain .. once arabic and once english ;) this is why :P

CIA & FBI hehhehe ri7na feeha :P no i can't deal with them :P no johnny rockets from me to them ;)

saving is cheap... afaaaaaa!! u have to save and save more.. don't spend all.. spend a little ;)

[[ lawyer ]]

on what? madri whom an why am i af7amtkom?

جود مورنينج
goodnight ;)

[[ salfa3ajeeba ]]

no waaaaaaaay ilmilo'7iyah :P la shakil wala ree7a!

[[ Deema ]]

hmmmmmmmmm so this is broccoli... now i know what it is ;)

now help me please.. where an i find it? and how much it costs?? and how can i eat it?? could it be cooked and how can i cook it and with what shall i cook it? ;)

[[ أم النمل ]]

yaaaa golf is cool ;) it is relaxing ;)

try it :D slow paced relaxing activity :)

[[ Shoush ]]

mabroook 3ala her leaving the prison.. i am happy now :D

ya3ni i can't spend and save at the same time??? if i say save ya3ni no spenind???

"Aston Martin Fund" give me ur account number?? and i can deal it it ;) do u want me to invest the funds collected so u reach the target quicker? ;)

the tooth.fairy said...

#2 <-- sounds a little boring. You need something more entertaining

#4 <-- sophisticated ;p

and I have to say that we share # 5, I literally "smell" my coffee and let the hot steam go up my nostrils.

Uhhhh, I didn't have any today ;/

Enjoyed reading it ;)

The Simper said...

hey toothy ;)

thanks for the mostley positive coment ;) tell me what is a more entertaining book?? waiting for ur recomendations ;)

ps.. pass ur recomendations after ur full of caffeen ;P

Deema said...

shof al7een lazim itta3allam by experience, so go to chillies o ishrab their soup: broccoli with cheese.. w itha inta ma t7ib wayed cheese you may find it in casper and gambini's (marina), they have a new menu now and their food is good__also you will find broccoli in their soup... w itha inta mit3anny o raye7 casper, i advice you with teramisso(thumbs up)

Shoush said...

Eee Allah y3afeek! ;P Contact me for account details.

Dynamic Deeds said...



I'm still in the OWL phase =(