Saturday, September 29, 2007

Carmina Burana

this is a nice piece of classical music.. the two performances are great.. they both look like they are from the same venue (the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra) the piece is by Carl Orff.

the lyrics are in Latin.. i like it cause they say semper (not with an "i") three times.. here it is:

O Fortuna (Chorus) ...O Fortune
velut luna... like the moon
statu variabilis,... you are changeable,
semper crescis ...ever waxing
aut decrescis; ...and waning;
vita detestabilis ...hateful life
nunc obdurat ...first oppresses
et tunc curat ...and then soothes
ludo mentis aciem, fancy takes it;
egestatem, ...poverty
potestatem ...and power
dissolvit ut glaciem. melts them like ice.
Sors immanis ...Fate - monstrous
et inanis, ...and empty,
rota tu volubilis, whirling wheel,
status malus, are malevolent,
vana salus ...well-being is vain
semper dissolubilis, ...and always fades to nothing,
obumbrata ...shadowed
et velata ...and veiled
michi quoque niteris; plague me too;
nunc per ludum through the game
dorsum nudum ...I bring my bare back
fero tui sceleris. your villainy.
Sors salutis ...Fate is against me
et virtutis health
michi nunc contraria, ...and virtue,
est affectus ...driven on
et defectus ...and weighted down,
semper in angaria. ...always enslaved.
Hac in hora ...So at this hour
sine mora ...without delay
corde pulsum tangite; ...pluck the vibrating strings;
quod per sortem ...since Fate
sternit fortem, ...strikes down the string man,
mecum omnes plangite! ...everyone weep with me!

**the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra


Deema said...

hallo Semper
(semper means always!)

nice song bs kan ega6i3 yabeely asma3ha 3adil some other time
did you take the last pic?

The Simper said...

nope.. haven't been there yet.. one day will take that pic :)

TOUCHE' said...

Lovely piece that brought old memories.

Gotta try listening to "Ode to joy" by Beethoven Symphony No. 9 move 4, i guess you'll like it

The Simper said...


welcome here.. isn't this the european anthem? if it's that part of the 9th.. then yaa.. i like it a lot :)

Bojacob said...

I absolutely love those pieces. I'm suddenly in that very classical mood.

Lately, I'm somehow really into Bach's old fugues, I'm not sure why. Perhaps because they're far more technical and difficult than they sound.

Fugue in C Minor from the Well Tempered Clavier comes to mind.

Heh, I also can't seem to get over the giggle factor when I see a conductor going berserk like that! I know it's art and all, but I can't help it!

Deema said...

i listened to it! i love it!

i never heard how it starts i love the xylophone in the beginning.

I used to play on the Timpany :)

i like how the sound of people are taken as an instrument. could be classified as wind instrument :)