Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Pritzker Prize

deema.. here u go.. here is ur medal for all the Architectural comments u make ;)


Deema said...

Thank you Thank you. i really don't deserve all this, well in fact i never saw the medal's shape! i only know almost all the winners :D

it is really -seriously- one of my dreams. and i wish those comments can evolve into something i can "enter", "go" or "pass by"... touch and feel and talk to! :)

The only big feeling i have now as i'm having this medal from the fine representator Simper is in the word .. "Barroy" :D
(believe me it's a very nice feeling)
and i just can't get over it :P

Thanks for this wonderful 5 min. of fame and fantasy :D
but i will get it someday, inshallah i will!

Nods, shakes hands and raises the medal and walk (FINALLY) down the stage..

Purplecious said...

حق ديما



انا بعد ابي ميداليه