Saturday, September 29, 2007

إمام ب 750 فلس

with no more comments...


Deema said...

36 kd sanawy :P

Anonymous said...

I dont get it? where is the "Emam"

Deema said...

so wizarat ilawqaf heard about your complain, and trying to solve your problem, but nothin without a prise ;)

Purplecious said...

el post 6ala3 bedoooon la asawy refreash (F5) !!!!!

a7medaaaak ya raaaaaab

sarlaha sneeeeeen hal 7araka

o kaho el3fasy feta7la channel


tas7eee7 7g deema: *price alah yhadach fashaltena ;p

b3deen shlon 7asabteha 36 kd?

12*4=48 (48*.75=36)

ana 7asabt'ha 365/7=52 (52*.75=39)

3 kd farg :p

madry lesh zayda elegafa 3ndy hal youmeen ;pP

The Simper said...

[[ Deema.01 ]]

36 kd? skip to 4th comment.

[[ Blue Dress ]]

u should get it..
the "Emam" is in the bank!

[[ Deema.02 ]]

el 9alat sarat eb price ya deema? laykoon intay daza el msg :P

[[ Purplecious ]]

next time try f6 and f7.. maybe f8 will work for u :P

eee hatha gam eghaar min li3faasi :P gal i will start eb msg's.. hatha oho nafsa elli bil 3deliya?

36 kd / .75 = 48 week
52 weeks in a yr - 48 = 4 weeks

the 4 weeks are yearly holidays.. and maybe not counted for new stuff to be released.. also, the law for private sector enforces a 2 week minimum of leave! got it now?

White Wings said...

هي هي
لأنه مدعوم حكومياً

Deema said...

ee coz ana bas '9arabt ib 12 shahar 3ashan chithee ma 6ala3 '9ab6 :P (ma qassamt 365 3ala 7)

-spell check complete- ;)

39= annual salary
40= years
39*40= 1560 kd
(what can he buy in the age of 70?)

Deema said...

assuming his age is 30 ;P

chikapappi said...

they make money out of everything now

TOUCHE' said...

Let's not be jumping into conclusions, maybe it turns out to be like "Al-3fasi" case, where Zain declared that all the fees are being donated to charity with no profit whatsoever for either Zain or "Al-3fasi"

mosan mosan said...

fils 750 thats 2 much ... what does a guy like him want all that money for ?

Deema said...

ta3alow e7na ma 3adaina cham wa7id will actually reply (9) ????