Thursday, September 06, 2007

Farewell to Pavarotti


* Tosca *
( written by Giacomo Puccini )

E lucevan le stelle ... And the stars were shining ...
ed olezzava la terra ... the earth smelt sweet ...
stridea l'uscio dell'orto ... the garden gate creaked ..
e un passo sfiorava la rena... and a footstep brushed the sand.
Entrava ella, fragrante, She entered, fragrant,
mi cadea fra le braccia. and fell into my arms.
Oh! dolce baci, o languide carezze, O soft kisses, tender caresses,
mentr'io fremente, while I, all a-quiver,
le belle forme disciogliea dai veli! unveiled her lovely features!
Svani per sempre il sogno mio d'amore ... Vanished forever is my dream of love ...
L'ora e fuggita, That time has fled
e muoio disperato! and I die in despair.
E non ho amato mai tanto la vita! Never have I loved life so dearly!


Shoush said...

Eee.. Allah yr7ma inshala. :/

Peach said...


I love his "Panis Angelicus" with Sting ..

Deema said...

3a'9im alla ajirkom,ib Pavarotti..

o 3itab

Peach said...

oh by the way .. I totally forgot I had this when I told you about the Dostoyevsky book, it'll give u a little taste :)

The Simper said...

he is a REAL great artist :)

u should like his solo performances.. not because sting is standing right beside him ;)

and ya iv checked Dostoyevsky's post on ur blog.. the qoutes u had there sound very cool.. althought i am not an avid reader of fiction, but who knows.. i might be one, one day ;)

Peach said...

yeah I'm not saying I don't like him alone :P I love his "Ave Maria" too :P

Deema said...

i have a bad experience with Opera.

when i was in Verona, we booked for Opera Ieda in their open emphi theatre. it was great and i was drown .. and the crown is just HUGE.. until the seen before the last one, where we began to hear thunder every now and then echoing the strong voices .. we didn't really took it seriously and said it just won't happen..

brrom, wil musician GABBAA

w 3ad inkat ilmu6ar chinna tib o ra7 3alaina the last scene :D

and what happened next is just undescribable

bas kanit leela mnayila bsiteen neela :P

wa3alya 3ayda w 7abeebha ma swat 3alaihom

Shoush said...

R u still mourning? :P