Tuesday, September 25, 2007

team work!


chikapappi said...

wow! At first I thought these were a coupla lobsters bas then figured it out!

Deema said...

:D [excited]

mn zman ma la3abt racing game, i will ask my bro. to show me a good one..

and yeah i agree there should be a "who is who" in every team work.

The Simper said...

[[ chika ]]

hmmm.. lobsters?? maybe u were HUNGRY when u saw the pic ;)

[[ deema ]]

where is the god one? and do u race in the streets to??? mo zain tara.. don't do speed! :P

who is who?? u mean specialization?

Deema said...

lol when you are 18 you're so interested in speeding up and some cool moves, when you're almost 23 you're more interested in slowing down and just feel it :D
kubarna kubarna (now i'm a minimalist on street)

.. a good one alla esalmik is on the screen, where you only harm your own eyes (sometimes your hand) :P and a good place on the screen is Chile :)

but in Kuwait, 7awally 3ajeeba for obsacles o duwa3ees :P

Deema said...

do you race in the streets (too)

(too) goes back to yoo ? ;)

Deema said...

__AAnd Nice New Look ;)

The Simper said...

i don't race.. heheh 7addi 120 :D there is something good about driving slow, to look at the surroundings in a better way ;)

and thanks :) .. i like the ionic order :) no doric.. no corinthian.. ionic o bas :P

Purplecious said...

أنا ييييييييييت

و محتررررررره من أمس ليش توني أشوف البوستات اليديده

و اللوك اليديد


الرفريش صار ما يسوي شي

حركااااااااات سمبر


من البوست اللي طاف عجبني اللاونج
حده ناااااايس

و التيم وورك (ما أحب أكتب كلمات انجليزي بالعربي) هههههه
عمل الفريق زييييين

مشاءالله عليهم
صج ان شغلهم ما ياخذ منهم وقت طويل بس التخطيط و التعاون على انجاز العمل بدقه و سرعه هو أصعب شي

لووووووووول مادري شفيني قام أتحجى فصحى



اللوك اليدييييييييد
واااااااايد حلووووو

الصورة واااااااو

شفت شلون تغيير بسيط بس أضفى رونق و روح للبلوق (ردت تتحجى فصحى) هههههههه

يا ايونك انت يا ايونك


eye ON ik


lawyer said...

ماشاء الله رووووووووووووووعه

شكل النيو لوووووووك

واااااااااااي يازييييييين

البيييييييييت زيناااااااه :)


The Simper said...

purpling purply..

tara mako look yideed.. only one pic fi moqadimat el mosalsal ;)
everything else is plain white.. :)etha tabeen el lounge chair, tara eb madri cham malyoon! fa lazim ta7jizeena from now?

ee ionic.. shrayich bil ionic?? 7abeebi el ionic .. kil shay wala el ionic ;)

|_ /\ \/\/ Y E R...

baitich o ma7alich 6aal 3omrich ;)
thanks :D bas mo waid 3ajbatni el pic.. feeha shay lazim yit thaba6.. wait for a new version ;)

Chroma-Trauma said...

Winning a race is not a personal achievment, It's Team Work ^_^