Thursday, September 20, 2007

a photo

if nothing to write about.. or maybe out of laziness.. then photography helps.


Anonymous said...

Hayy, kila architecture, nice.

Deema said...

i'm like (did he took this photo from my library!!)
i got the same grouping which is scary..


Deema said...

(second thought)
inta bil'9ab6 9awwart ilcorner illy ma yinjas :D

The Simper said...

[[ Blue Dress ]]

thank u.. and welcome :)

[[ Deema ]]

i got few of them from kuniv store.. others are from diffferent places, and my school.. like to see them.. read them.. look at them.. and belive me. this corner has a high inventory turnover :P

Deema said...

shawagtny asawy book reviews :)
ten books of architecture is good, i like it, not finished.
understanding architecture, studied
right side of my brain, introduction only :P

i don't have architecture logic, seems interesting!

i should fix my library for the starting of the course :(

Purplecious said...

oooh 3ad hathola ma tertha 3alehum ma ngdar ngool shay ;p

Navy Girl said...

ummmm your an architect right :P I can tell from the titles of those books ! :P

lawyer said...

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