Monday, October 01, 2007

man's best friend


chikapappi said...

LOL! Yeah true now... till Man loses money to go back to the dog

Deema said...

01-10-2007 (ma3ash) ;)

(7ayah alla a5ir ilshahar) :P

Anonymous said...

Its neither amigo.

lawyer said...

صج نيدي !!

The Simper said...


ok.. so man is between a dog and a dollar ;) no one else? :P


it is awal el shhar dear ;)

.Blue Dress]]

then whom?? help moi!


ee shfeeha if my love is directed in certain ways? :P

Anonymous said...

Man has no best frined.

The Simper said...

i do.. i don't wana tell u who ;)