Friday, October 19, 2007

Abdullah Futhala

listen to the lovely song:


Someday said...

Ahhhhh *sigh*
Ma ye9ey chethy, mo gabool, idaberly 3ers maly she’3el :-P 3ad ana amooot 3l samrey, 9ij shakly ‘3al6 chiney '9ay3ah o ana argi9 way el old ladys “allah ya36yehom el9e7ah” bs shasawey a7eeebah

The Simper said...

[[ somday ]]

inshala someday will get u 3irs may7i6on feeh ella samry.. and u dance and dance till u drop in the happiness of dancing :)

lazim etzahbeen 3omrich now.. mo 9a7 now mawsim 3roos?? chinna 3ogb rmuthan ebalshoon ;)

Purplecious said...

mashkoooor 3ala hal samreyah

3ad bacher 3ndy 3ers bs many ray7a...

someday, tabeen tro7en bedaly ? ;p


The Simper said...

[[ purply ]]

think of my songs then ;) and why not go? shwaraach? go enjooooy have a blaast!

Someday said...

walla I have a 3ers today in fact bs maney ray7ah either thanks purplesious for the offer but ma agadr, enshallah after a month or so I can start going to 3ros, o enshallah allah yarzigney ebthak el 3ers ely samrey only :-P

Deema said...

samry represents beauty in the notion of sense, the walking technique, the rised head, the stops or the steady moves like a little tied up boat on the shore and the power of a sudden movement away yet emerged from the killing rhythm, reflecting alot about the personal character of each dancer.

you will see that those poems about loss are very slaw, but the ones with hope and happiness are a bit faster.. this can only be sensed when you feel the rhythm_basicaly dance :)

Amethyst said...

Samry :D

Very.Q8ya said...

THANK YOU!!!! way 3abdallah ilfudhalah mn ilseeeeb7 o chay o 7aleeeeeeb, ayabbaaaaaaaah :P

The Simper said...

[ someday ]

inshala u get 3irs el samry :)

[ Deema ]

as always.. enjoy ur way of analysing normal life activites and how u describe them :)

[ Amethyst ]

Yes Samry ;)

[ Very.Q8ya ]

ako darabeeel ba3ad? ;) bon apetit ;)