Thursday, October 11, 2007


one subject that i didn't study was psychology.
i wish i had taken 2 or 3 courses in this subject..
i think that ALL people have to really understand the subject of psychology.
the reason is:
** some people will know how sick someothers are.
**And for the sick people to know that they are sick.


Deema said...

sorry Simper, but there is no reason for your reason!

I wish that psychology is the only law in nature..but NO! It isn't..

finding who is sick=critical error

you only deal with it
i advise you to "read" Alice in Wonderland!

chikapappi said...

Deema's right dude... no way of finding that out - life experiences teach you everything

The Simper said...

my dear deema and chika,

of course there is a reason for my reasoning. it is there to "help me" and "save me" from dealing with them. at least i need to know how i deal with such people. i guess many people do it, and would like to know when they are facing sick persons so they have the proper reactions for the situation.

i don't mean that sick people are always sick! of course there are parts that are not functioning well in human beings. some with 1% sickness an some with 99%. who is totally right? no one! i am talking about when passing the limits of sickness (the limits are different with people). and i am not talking about the concepts with grey area here.. i am talkin about white and black concepts.

it is never reading a book that would let u do this and understand it, it is never the case! LIFE and its experiences are the best school. yet, geting to know the theory behind it is what gives you a better understanding and categorization of the different fields and actions that might be taken by people.

and would someone do this analysis all the time! hell no... but i guess it should be done once in a while.

again.. life is a rainbow.. all colors are there and each with different shades and tones.. they will always be there... that is how God created them, yet i hope that some colors would have a lesser representation in this rainbow.

thanks for both of ur comments :)

Ra7aLaH said...

Psychology was one of my fav classes!

Deema said...

fair, but you still have to read "Alice in Wonderland" :)

Anonymous said...

psychology doesnt show you the sick, it notices the differences and studies them.

The Simper said...

[[ Ra7aLaH ]]

i will settle for reading a book.

[[ Deema ]]

hmmmm... how about wizard of oz? can i watch the movie instead of the book for alice? ;)

[[ Blue Dress ]]

"it notices the differences" = show me ;)

Deema said...

not the movie at all.. the movie will never tell you anything . .
psycology related:Alice in Wonderland
Sociology related: The Wizard of Oz

Purplecious said...

no need to know everything and every subject in life, keep some mystery its more challenging ;p

3eedik mubarak :D weeen el3edeyah?? ;p

Deema said...

simper, i was thinking about Oz and Alice, chan astaw3ib inna il3aks, Oz is the psychology related and alice is the sociology related..

i think reading them -with an adult vision and thought- is better than reading the "How to" books :)

Very.Q8ya said...

LOL loved the 1st reason =p