Saturday, October 13, 2007

anatomy of a bottle


chikapappi said...

ahhhhh..... my favorite!

Purplecious said...

madry shlon et7bona!

i can't drink it unless with grenadine ;)

The Simper said...

chika.. it is the best!

purple.. do u have grenadine inside?? or u mix it with the juice?

Deema said...

the one I have has a different cover stamp on top, and a yellow label in the bottom, and the label is ma3koos, did you take the image from the mirror reflection?

I usually like the yellow lemon.

Shurouq said...

I don't drink it but have always loved its bottle. It's a piece of art.

Nice shots.

Very.Q8ya said...

3AJEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEB!! sheno il camera yr using??

Purplecious said...

i mix it with the water then it becomes a juice ;)

ana al7en 3alaqt 3ala el water o nesait el pic ;p

great anatomy :D

very nice i liked it, especially the first shot bs lo ma kanat mahzoza shway it would have been perfect ;)

this is the first time i realize the beauty of the bottle neck ;)

The Simper said...

[[ Deema ]]

no lemon with me.. unless it is fresh slice dipped in a glass full of freshly uneven broken pieces of ice ;)

[[ Queen Shurouq ]]

wow.. a comment at simperland from the Queen of all blogs :) thanks n cheers ;)

[[ Very.Q8ya ]]

thanks :) this is my baby: front and back , but it is not the camera.. it is always who holds it ;)

[[ Purplecious ]]

9a7taaaain ;)

thank u.. i guess i will have a series of anatomies of different things .. sounds cool ;)

and on the first shot.. it is not mahzooza.. the farther letters are out of focus.. this is why it seems hazy :)

and.. there is a beauty in everything in life :) just find the best angle to look at it :) and also, for everything beautiful, there is an angle that shows its ugliness? don't u agree? ;)

Shoush said...

Nice pics! I love Perrier, especially the one with lime.

Ansam said...

nice snaps :-)