Monday, October 22, 2007

old book about Kuwait

I found this small pocket guide which is about Kuwait in our library.. check this add on MTC i mean.. ZAIN :)

this is the cover:

ZAIN's ad: in6aliq 1

this is what they say about shoping in Kuwait:


Anonymous said...

Lool We have the latest in our company , i didnt know it was that old! very nice though

Deema said...

the scary thing is that it isn't too old

Amethyst said...

Whatever happened to Marina Mall and The Avenues? I actually have never heard of some of the "souks" mentioned!

Very.Q8ya said...

Allaaahhhhhh!! I LOVE OLD THINGS! Thank you so much, ya3eeeeeeeeesh ya3eesh in6alaQ wa7d yasQo6 yasQo6 iPhooonee

lawyer said...

انت متأكد ان عمرك مو في الخمسينات؟؟

موووووسان مووووووسان

علامه رفيجك ؟؟ اشفيييييييه هاليوم
من يماااااشي؟؟

جيك عليه لو سمحت انا شاكه في هالريال هاليومين