Saturday, October 20, 2007


this is one of the songs that i loved since i was a kid, it reminds me of the old cassette tapes i had of firqat el tilvizion. i was not fascinated witht the lyrics at that time, but i loved the music and its rythmic tunes.. and also how they are dressed. as for those 2 videos, i always knew the first one, but now i guess i like the second video more.

enjoy what is lovely..


Someday said...

Ana hatha el book malik abyyyyyyyyyyh!!!, enta min wyen yaybah!?!? fy ehya the same song bs played in faster rhythm, that I love even more

3endy thob o b’7nag, yamal al7yen a6le3hom…

btw what deema, described in your past post, is absultly true, mashallah 3lyha got it captured in the most thorough way :)

The Simper said...

[ someday ]

el book 7alaalich afa 3alaich.. it is called "ديوان السامري والهجيني" i had it since the old days of college. but didn't read it all, just skimed through some of the poems in there.

and about el thoob wil bukhnag.. hey don't let anything stop u from doing what u wana do :) go get them and enjoy :)

and aboput what deema wrote.. she has a good analyser eye (mashala mashala).. she is an artistic linguistic architect :)

Deema said...

Someday.. thank you, kila mn Simper got us indulged with these beautiful nostalgic songs in the most hard working days..

Simper.. (mashala mashala) :D
Thanks for the compliment :)
i'm only an experimentalist

Post.. i love يا طير يا خافق الريش akthar mn sallimoly (more wicked) :P

Someday said...

6g 6g 6g …
the simper,
So sorry 3la el7achey elbaye’7 ely I wrote to you in my blog : (
And thanks for the offer, I think the book is safer with you and you can indulge us with it’s little trussers when ever you like, will be waiting

Your welcome hon, walla I’m taking simper word for it cause I read few lines from you and mashallah 3lych yebteyah

mosan mosan said...


walla dayman feeek tarab chethi ...

Amethyst said...

I'm getting that book as a gift for my aunt.

Anonymous said...


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