Tuesday, October 09, 2007

after university graduation??

what is

the most important thing

that university graduation

should hand you?


what is

the most important thing

you should leave the university with?

if more than one thing.. list all..

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this is why i thought of this post..

i read the words of Mr. Al-Salih.

and i still have some hope...

الله بالخير


.***آخر العمود:

يدرس مجلس الدراسات العليا في اميركا، الذي يمثل


جامعة، امكان اختصار مدة الحصول على الدكتوراه.. اذ ان الحصول عليها حاليا يستغرق ما بين ثمانية الى ثلاثة عشر عاما طبقا لما جاء في صحيفة نيويورك تايمز. في الكويت لدينا شهادات دكتوراه من جميع دول العالم.. حتى انه يقال ان احد اعضاء مجلس الامة لديه دكتوراه من ليبيا وهو لم يذهب اصلا اليها! ويطالب باصلاح التعليم في الكويت!

محمد مساعد الصالح


chikapappi said...

Hmm... Am not sure if I got this right bas to me it's the following:

2. Social bledning skills
3. High grades for a good job
4. good yearbook with a nice picture
5. career advice(never got that)
6. Good education (never got that)
7. good friends (never got that)
8. Good memories (never got that)
9. Remembering what U study (neveeeeer)

Deema said...

3.Great friends (best times)
6.the bad
7.limited input
9.self education
11.diverse knowledge(good)
12.classified knowledge (bad)

The Simper said...

thank you chikapappi and deem..

what you wrote is excellent.. and for someone to leave a higher education institution with half of what u wrote is very good (even less of that is good)

i can think of one more thing: integrity.. or ETHICS..

i know u would say this is not from there... but a place like a univ should increase its level in a well functioning human being..

but.. and i say a BIG but.. with some of our faculties.. i remember el mathal "faaqid el shay la yo36eeh" walaho min wara2 el qasd.

Purplecious said...

the "joy" of being finally graduated !!!!!

Deema said...

he is right, but i don't think comparing us with the U.S. is a good way

ilmushkila inna we are not capable of understanding our own history, and then out of the blue comparing event happen in two different places in the world.

which makes it (faqid ilshay2 lazim edowra bilmukan il9a7)
Decision making is really bad in Kuwait.

Deema said...

amma mow'9oo3 ilzawaj fy ilmusalsalaat, shay shay :D