Tuesday, October 02, 2007

are you old enuff to remember this?

and this?


Old chikapappi said...

I saw the word "old" in the title & 3ala 6ooool, checked in!

Yes I remember :) 80s *good times*

Anonymous said...

LoooooooooooL Chika seems like that's the theme for today!!

Yeah of course i do!

The Simper said...

,,,old chikachika,,,

in this case, i will use OLD in my coming post to atract u ;)

,,,dotty SHAYOUMA,,,

ur weLcome :) lets have a day full of old posts :P

ray said...

i remember both :)

i used to spend hours playing this game.


Deema said...

I feel so refreshing that i don't remember both :)
the first one .. i only know how it looks like :D

Anonymous said...

I LOVE THAT GAME! lool nice.

Purplecious said...

Thaaaaank GOD i'm not :)))

check the date on the screen simper

is it 8-12-81?? i wasn't even born yet :D

Deema said...

I am


The Simper said...

to all of u who said "I DO" ;) welcome to the club ;)

TOUCHE' said...

Once I saw the images, I started snapping my fingers

The Simper said...

[[ TOUCHE' ]]